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The Beginning

01 - Our History

PLZ Corp dates back to 1939 with the founding of Plaze Incorporated by John Ferring III with the invention of Plastic Auto Glaze Polish, the “magical” auto polish in a shaker can. This ‘magical’ car polish was known as Plaze, named after its ingredients including a plastic, a resin and a glaze.


Pioneers of the first aerosol Glass Cleaner

02 - Our History
In 1947, the U.S. Government grants Plaze Inc. one of the first licenses to manufacture aerosol products. Another company to receive one of the first aerosol licenses was Claire Manufacturing which would later become part of the PLZ Corp family.

Sprayway, a Claire Manufacturing brand, introduces Sprayway Glass Cleaner, the first aerosol glass cleaner for the consumer market.


A New Technology

After World War II, Ferring saw the market potential for the new, emerging aerosol technology.   In true entrepreneurial spirit, John Ferring used this new aerosol technology to develop and create the first aerosol car polish out of his Plastic Auto Glaze Polish and named it Plastel.  Each can of Plastel car polish was made one at a time.

014 - Our History015 - Our History


Change of Course

05 - Our History

In the early 1950s, in addition to developing Plaze brand products, the company began focusing on being a contract filler.  As the contract filling business grew, their needs did as well.  Plaze outgrew their original facility and built a plant in the Watson Industrial Park in St. Louis where the company continued to manufacture products until 1993 when all operations moved to Plaze’s ten-acre St. Clair, Missouri location.


A New Chapter

A new chapter in Plaze history began in 1978 when John Ferring IV began shepherding the company with just 12 employees producing 3.3 million cans. Ferring aggressively looked for new business opportunities and over the next eight years, successfully brought in new customers that spurred the growth of the company, including Midco Products (Gumout), The Clayton Corporation (Touch ‘N Foam), Parway (Vegalene), Masterchem (Kilz) and Heartland (Spot Shot).


PLZ Holding Corporation Formed

In 2005, the aerosol industry was changing with both suppliers and competitors consolidating. To remain competitive and an industry leader, Ferring believed the company must grow and make a major acquisition. Plaze acquired Claire Manufacturing and Sprayway Inc., and formed PLZ Holding Corporation. PLZ also formed the Retail Division in 2005 marketing its World’s Best Cleaner and developing a full line of high-quality cleaning products for the home under the brand Sprayway.  The acquisition was critical to the future of the company and resulted in reaching 96.5 million cans. In just 25 years, the company grew from producing 3 million cans to 100 million annually.


Milestone reached, a billion cans produced

08 - Our History

In 2010, 60 years after filling the first Plastel Auto Glaze Polish can by hand, PLZ reached a billion cans mark.  PLZ Holding Corporation is renamed PLZ Aeroscience with the acquisition of CPC Aeroscience which was established in 1961. CPC continues to serve niche markets, particularly the industrial maintenance, specialty, and heavy-duty industrial maintenance markets with products such as industrial lubricants, safety solvents and greases. Many of these products had never before been packaged as aerosols.


A leader in custom aerosol and liquid manufacturing

PLZ Corp continues to grow and strengthen its portfolio.  Between 2010-2018 PLZ acquired Camie-Campbell, K-G Spray-Pak, Maid Brands, Assured Packaging (developer of a post-foaming gel formula for gel shave foams), Apollo Technologies, Follmer Development, Par-way Tryson, Penray, Granite Packaging and Shield Packaging of California joined the PLZ family of companies, strengthening the company’s presence and capabilities in custom products for the Personal Care, Hair Care, Food, and OTC Drug markets. Today, PLZ is a recognized leader in the aerosol industry providing expertise in contract filling for national and international companies, manufacturing of aerosol adhesives, insecticides, air care, automotive appearance and automotive maintenance products for industrial, professional and consumer.


A new identity

PLZ Logo BlackBlue 1024x374 - Our HistoryPLZ refreshed its brand to better reflect its position as a market leader. From PLZ Aeroscience to PLZ Corp. This new logo and name will unite our brand with the PLZ vision statement – to become the partner of choice. The logo will still feature our PLZ blue and have the old PLZ feel, but with a twist to reflect our more modern, innovative and sophisticated identity.