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There’s beauty in manufacturing some of America’s most successful personal care products.

PLZ focuses on developing brands & portfolio growth. We can help build proprietary formulations for hair care & skin care products with GMP, FDA regulations.

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PLZ’s facilities are strategic contract manufacturing partners for formulation development, supply chain management, manufacturing, packaging, delivery and more. Our plants offer start-to-finish brand, private label contract filling capabilities.

What we offer

PLZ offers custom manufactured products with highly customized and unique formulas. We have production facilities, aerosol and liquid filling lines, propellant tank farms, alcohol storage facilities and other capabilities to provide the very best quality and service to our customers.

We also know hot fills in particular can be difficult and are frequently done poorly. At PLZ, we have invested in custom-designed equipment for hot fills, avoiding the problems that plague other manufacturers. We offer end-to-end temperature control, including a specialty multi-head enclosed filler with digital temperature control, as well as controlled cooling of all products in serpentine cooling tunnels. This equipment means that each product is precisely calibrated to be the same as previous runs of the same product, regardless of ambient conditions.

Our filling expertise

  • Simplex Filling
  • Shrink Sleeve Capable
  • Screen Printing Capable
  • Automatic Labeling Machines
  • Multiple Sized Jacketed Vessels
  • Various Sized Vessels to Accommodate Unique Product Needs
  • Forward Integrated Design to Label Creation
  • Multiple Type Filling Lines
  • Scalable Operations to Meet Growth Needs


Facilities are built to manufacture personal care products

Quality is the foundation of our operating systems and ever-expanding network of personal care facilities. We’re well equipped to provide custom-manufactured products with highly customized focmrmulas for every brand we serve.

Our Facilities are able to quickly and efficiently produce and distribute large and small orders of aerosol and liquid packaged products-and capabilities including on-site R&D, lab testing, regulatory and quality assurance.

PLZ’s manufacturing and warehousing facilities allow us the efficiency and flexibility to meet all of your personal care needs.

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Our personal care facilities

Chino, CA


Square Footage: 100000

Capacity (Units): 40000

R-D Center R



Our products are tracked by SAP-based inventory management system that simplifies order planning and fulfillment.

Due to our volume, warehousing is second nature to us. We maintain a best-in-class warehousing system that accurately and efficiently move hundreds of thousands of units a year.

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